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This plant has been cultivated in Asia and some Pacific Islands for many centuries for food, fiber, and medicine. It is a significant fiber crop in the history of paper. It was used for papermaking in China by around 100 AD. It was used to make washi in Japan by 600 AD. Washi, a Japanese handcrafted paper, is made with the inner bark, which is pounded and mixed with water to produce a paste, which is dried into sheets.

Tapa cloth is a textile made from the inner bark in many Pacific Island nations. It was the main material for clothing in places such as Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and Tahiti until recent times, and it is still worn ceremonially. It is also used to make bags and bedding.

The wood of the plant is useful for making furniture and utensils, and the roots can be used as rope.

The fruits and cooked leaves are edible.

The fruit, leaves, and bark have been used in systems of traditional medicine. For example, the bark and fruit of the species, known locally as jangli toot, are used as a laxative and antipyretic in rural Pakistan.

The species is used as an ornamental plant. It tolerates disturbance and air pollution, so it has been useful as a landscaping plant on roadsides. It is a pioneer species that easily fills forest clearings, and it has been considered for reforestation efforts. It grows well in many climate types.

A small to medium-sized, deciduous tree with large, trilobed leaves and attractive, red to orange fruits on female trees. Broussonetia papyrifera is native to eastern Asia and makes an attractive ornamental for USDA Zones 7 and above, though with some invasive potential in warmer regions. Seeds may need cold stratification after sowing for 2 months.

A stunning tree for any UK garden.

Come in packs of 25 fresh seeds

Full germination and growing instructions included.

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Broussonetia papyrifera - Paper Mulberry

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