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  • Robinia pseudoacacia - Black Locust Tree

A fast growing,medium-sized tree, up to 18 m (60 ft.) in height, widely distributed in foreststhroughout the territory of the US, southwestern and southeastern Canada, atelevations between 300 and 1200 m (1000 and 4000 ft.). It develops anextensive, nitrogen fixing root system, a massive brown trunk with scaly bark,pinnate foliage and drooping clusters of showy, perfumed, white flowers. Abeautiful ornamental, ideal for temperate climates. For good germination, seedsmust be scarified.

It has a trunk up to 0.8 m diameter (exceptionally up to 52 m tall and 1.6 m diameter in very old trees), with thick, deeply furrowed blackish bark. The leaves are 10–25 cm long, pinnate with 9–19 oval leaflets, 2–5 cm long and 1.5–3 cm broad. Each leaf usually has a pair of short spines at the base, 1–2 mm long or absent on adult crown shoots, up to 2 cm long on vigorous young plants. The intensely fragrant (reminiscent of orange blossoms) flowers are white to lavender or purple, borne in pendulous racemes 8–20 cm long, and are edible. The fruit is a legume 5–10 cm long, containing four to 10 seeds.

Although similar in general appearance to the honey locust, it lacks that tree’s characteristic long branched thorns on the trunk, instead having the pairs of short spines at the base of each leaf; the leaflets are also much broader.

The black locust is native in the United States from Pennsylvania to northern Georgia and westward as far as Arkansas and Oklahoma, but has been widely spread. The tree reaches a height of 70 feet, with a trunk three or four feet in diameter and brittle branches that form an oblong narrow head. It spreads by underground shoots. The leaflets fold together in wet weather and at night; some change of position at night is a habit of the entire leguminous family.

In Europe, it is often planted along streets and in parks, especially in large cities, because it tolerates pollution well.

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Robinia pseudoacacia - Black Locust Tree

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